The important issues to pay attention in heat pump water heaters tank

  • In resistance until 2 kW, 220 V should have single-phase connection.
  • For needs above 2 kW, 380-420 V should be connected in three-phase.
  • In this context because of the need for medium and high voltage, some security measurements should be taken and these measures should be strictly followed.
  • In three-phased systems, thermal-magnetic circuit breaker (TMS), conductor and circuit breaker… etc. must be used.
  • Consumers should definitely pay attention to these details.
  • In heat pump water heaters tank, stainless steel tubular resistance must absolutely used as resistance.
  • To reduce energy cost, electrical resistances must be grouped based on hot water need and they could gradually enter the circuit.
  • In electrical panels, there must be strictly IP54 polyester panels.
  • Installation material must definitely be in non-flammable properties.
  • The control panel of electric heater must be equipped with the main input circuit breaker, contactors, operation and safety thermostats.
  • The required amount of electric power and tank capacity can be calculated in project offices and producer companies when you buy the product with optional consultation. 

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